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Glyceor Eliphe CA19
Glyceor Eliphe CA19
Eliphe CA19 Glyceor
Glyceor Eliphe CA19 label
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Glyceor Eliphe CA19


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    Your ally in modulating blood sugar

    Natural resources to balance glucose

    • Le fenugrec

    Fenugreek is a plant used in traditional medicine for its beneficial properties for health. The fenugreek extract used in the formulation of Glyceor is titrated in hydroxyisoleucine and L-isoleucine, specific amino acids which are found in the seeds of fenugreek and which were associated with benefits for the , in particular for the diabetes of type 2. The L-isoleucine helps promote the absorption and cellular consumption of glucose, particularly in the muscles.

    • La cannelle

    In Asia, the effects of cinnamon on blood sugar have been known and exploited for centuries. In the West, in 2003, chemists Richard Anderson and Marilyn Polanski of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) discovered by chance the property of cinnamon that makes fat cells much more sensitive to insulin. Cinnamon is one of the most widely consumed spices in the world and one of the cheapest. Its most active compound, methylhydroxychalcone polymer, is a polyphenol that increases glucose metabolism about twentyfold in fat cells.

    • Le marc de raisin

    These are the residues obtained from the pressing of the grapes during the making of the juice or wine: the skin, the seeds and the stalk (the structure of the bunch). The pomace contains, among other things, polyphenols and pterostilbene which play a very important role in the modulation of blood sugar.

    Polyphenols are part of the antioxidant family.

    Pterostilbene is an antioxidant with excellent bioavailability and no side effects.

    • Le chrome

    This mineral exists in very small quantities in the body, but it plays an essential role in optimizing nutrition and, in particular, in avoiding metabolic problems such as obesity, high lipid levels and/or glucose intolerance.

    Advice for use

    3 capsules per day. 


    For 3 capsules :

    Fenugreek extract: 600 mg

    Dry extract of cinnamon: 450 mg

    Dry extract of grape marc: 390 mg

    Chromium: 18 µg (45% of the NRV*)

    * Recommended nutritional value.


    Dry extracts of cinnamon bark(Cinnamoum zeylanicum).

    Dry extracts of grape marc(Vitis vinifera).

    Chromium picolinate.

    Dry extract of fenugreek seeds (trigonella foenum-graecum)

    Anti-caking agent: rice bran.

    Envelope of the capsule: pullulan.

    Box of 90 capsules.

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    N.A. (Perpignan, FR)

    prise de ce complément trop récente mais chiffre du diabète stable, à suivre