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Apoticaria, leader in natural products since 2007

The company was created in January 2007 by Nadja Mayrhofer and Benjamin Dupré in the Gers region of France with the aim of promoting alternative solutions whose effectiveness has been proven. Our experience with natural products is rooted in "living with" and we have personally tested all our references and consume the products we need.

Apoticaria was the first French company to introduce D-mannose, organic sulfur, sodium chlorite, wild oregano rich in carvacrol (different from origanum compactum from Spain among others), liposomal vitamin c, dragon's blood; was a pioneer in the field of coconut oil, structured water, ionized minerals, d-ribose.

A renewed confidence of our customers for our product selections

Waterfall D-Mannose, which we introduced in France in 2007, is currently the only product on the market that is 100% pure, available in powder or tablet form and for which you benefit from our eight years of expertise.

Organic Sulfur - MSM, which we also introduced in 2007 in its pure crystallized form and whose manufacturing process is respectful of its integrity with notably the absence of high temperature distillation. Organic Sulfur is used for the beauty of the skin, hair and more.

The liposomal vitamin C whose phospholipids allow the absorption of this naturally unstable antioxidant at almost 100% thanks to a structure that allows the vitamin C to pass the intestinal barrier. Moreover, the role of phospholipids for health has been widely demonstrated.

The Concentrace - CMD allows to remineralize the body in depth thanks to the ionized form of the minerals.

Theoil of wild oregano C80 has the highest concentration of Carvacrol on the market with 80% guaranteed. The oregano rich in carvacrol, clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.

The Dragon's Blood is a product of the Amazon jungle that helps relieve acid reflux.

Our passion is to discover new solutions, and we are always experimenting, in partnership with biologists, medical doctors, therapists and university researchers, as well as our network of partners.

The advantages of Apoticaria

  1. Expertise on all the products in our range, rare sugars (gluconutrients), minerals, liposomal vitamins.
  2. All of our products are selected for the manufacturing methods that are always substance friendly, free of potentially harmful chemicals.
  3. Strictest specifications allowing systematically the highest certification for food products.
  4. Qualified team always at your disposal by phone or email from Monday to Friday (9am - 6pm) to bring you our help.
  5. Clean storage and preparation premises that are also free of geobiological and electromagnetic pollution (we care about our health as much as yours). We do not use logistics platforms where these parameters are difficult to control.
  6. Reactivity to send your package as soon as your order is confirmed.
  7. Our blog is regularly updated to keep you informed of new developments.
  8. A commitment to your satisfaction, your well-being and your health.

In the press

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