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All right.

Satisfied. I am more relaxed.


Pleasant and effective to rehydrate mouth / lips, I recommend, the colour on the other hand very accentuated in orange, not easy to put in the day to hydrate eyelids because is too notorious, to put in the evening in bed to avoid this problem.

Lowering of palpitations Great general calm


Very good product

I have been using it for joint pain for several years... strangely, my hair is returning to its original colour and after research... it is sulphur...


is very effective in aiding digestion


synergy of well-balanced components, allows effective sedative action


Good and effective product


Product meets my expectations

D mannose

I tested this product and it was effective once against a urinary infection. I continue with enthusiasm because it has allowed me to avoid antibiotics.
if this is confirmed I will not hesitate to buy again this product which is beneficial for my health.


This product seems to be effective after a month of treatment with 3 capsules at bedtime. My stomach health has stabilised and I no longer have any stomach pains. Thank you

An interesting product

I have been taking it for over a month at a medium dose (6 days) and I have felt better.

Excellent product.
Already on my 2nd treatment


EXCELLENT PRODUCT: At the very beginning of taking 2 capsules in the morning of FERALEN, which I leave in the fridge as soon as the box is opened, I noticed an enormous fluidification and evacuation of mucus which lasted 4 or 5 days. Since then I am uncluttered and no more problem of mucus which choked me!
Moreover, I have the sensation of a better oxygenated brain


excellent product that I have been taking since 2019, following a small stroke (at 77 years old) established by MRI in May 2019. For 1 year I took 3X4 capsules a day. a new MRI in June 2020, found that there was no trace of stroke!
currently I take 3X2 capsules a day. to maintain the results and avoid brain fouling.


I am taking CA 12 to avoid surgery following a small cataract. For the moment my condition is stabilized! But I continue the treatment...

On the Tyro +

Thank you, I think I'm back to more or less normal, as my energy was very low.
I have been off Levothyrox for a little over 2 years. Everything was going pretty well and my energy was constantly up and no more major symptoms related to hypothyroidism. Then at the beginning of the year, a resurgence of symptoms. That's when I started the Tyro+ and magnesium spray combination advised by Michle Dogna.
However, I have had two attacks of red, burning-like patches on my face and neck, the origin of which I do not know. Maybe it has nothing to do with the Tyro+...

Whiter teeth, muscle pain somewhat reduced

Super interesting. A wealth of information on health problems that can be easily remedied. Why aren't we told more about it? So far I have found a marked improvement in my back pain.

Meets my expectations

Satisfied after 1 month of use: worn a few hours a day.


After 1 month stable.
No more, no less.

Coconut oil

On my morning toast
Very tasty. (Liquid)


avoids recurrent infections taken once a day

In my opinion, a very good product

Small sore on the nose that would not go away for at least two years (probably a mycosis) and that disappeared after a week of treatment with 2 gelules morning and evening.
Less intestinal parasites after two months of treatment.

Try it out.

After a few months of use, no visible improvement for me, but for a friend who started at the same time, yes.
Time definitely differs from person to person.
It must depend on one's terrain, way of life etc...
I'll try Floracor instead.