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Mom® 6 wood energy pendant
Mom® 6 Energy Pendant - Apoticaria
Mom® 6 wood energy pendant
Mom® 6 Energy Pendant - Apoticaria
Energy pendant wood MOM6
Mom 6 wood energy pendant
Mom® 6 Energy Pendant - Apoticaria
Espace Mom® 6 wood
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Mom® 6 Energy Pendant

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    In today's world, we are surrounded by polluting technologies on a daily basis. At home: mobile phones, Wifi, Bluetooth, 5G, induction or microwave ovens, heating appliances... Outside: high-voltage lines, public transport power supply, radar, satellites... Their cumulative effects have a very harmful health impact on living organisms. Their biological and genetic consequences have been studied and observed in humans, animals and plants.

    The levels of these exposures will rapidly and sharply increase as technologies such as 5G develop.

    Fortunately, there are innovative, easy-to-implement and highly effective solutions that enable people who care about their well-being and health, as well as electro-hypersensitive (EHS) people, to protect themselves effectively and sustainably.

    The Principle

    The Mom® device transforms vertically polarized electromagnetic waves into horizontally polarized waves by tilting the plane of polarization by 90°. This tilting generates a scalar wave emission. These waves carry neutrinos which act on living beings in different ways and in many areas of daily life, as well as on the environment.

    The action of scalar waves is beyond electromagnetic waves. Practice shows that they are capable of transforming the harmful emissions of all types of electromagnetic waves into beneficial scalar waves that are active on living beings.

    Not only do they allow the safe use of all modern equipment, existing and future, which surrounds us and emits polluting waves, but they also treat us.

    This mini-cube pendant has six faces in three dimensions that encourage the energetic rebalancing of the person wearing it. Its compact size and power make it the perfect partner for health-conscious people, those who are electro-hypersensitive (EHS) and practitioners in the practice of their energy care.

    The pendant

    You can use it whenever you have to deal with a polluted environment, or continuously for your comfort. As soon as you wear it, it rebalances your energies. The improvement of the vibratory rate that it provokes acts both on your physical state, and your mental and emotional planes. The better harmony between your two cerebral hemispheres allows you to relax, to eliminate stress, to relax and calm down, to be more serene. It alleviates and calms pain.

    According to the work of Georges Lakhovsky, a precursor of biophysics and electromagnetic medicine, and Nikola Tesla, an engineer and inventor, this technique would activate cell regeneration and speed up the healing and reconstitution of tissues, by mobilizing defence energies and reaction processes that promote healing.

    As it is partly made of wood, it should not be exposed to humidity (shower or bath).

    General characteristics

    This pendant in the shape of a mini-cube of compact purple and relief color has a capacity of penetration in scalar waves and a multidirectional power of radiation important thanks to its 3D relief, for :

    • activate cell regeneration,
    • accelerate healing and tissue regeneration,
    • mobilising defence energies and reaction processes,
    • ease and calm the pain,
    • eliminate or significantly reduce headaches and the feeling of unease in the presence of pollution,
    • soften, relax, make more calm and receptive,
    • to induce general relaxation and stress elimination,
    • rebalance both cerebral hemispheres...

    Also available in the range espace mom le mom 1, harmoniously shaped pendant in olive wood.


    mom® devices are manufactured by hand and exclusively in France.

    They are not a substitute for medical treatment.

    They are certified and recommended by the Hadolife Water Laboratory, established by Dr Masaru Emoto and engineer Rasmus Gaupp-Berhausen.


    Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

    We hope that you will find our Apoticaria site informative and useful; according to our latest knowledge and for accuracy, it is frequently updated. We respectfully remind users that use of this site and the internet in general is their own responsibility, and that no information on this site constitutes medical or other advice or opinion, and that information about our products is never intended to replace qualified medical advice.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews

    No effect since wearing the Mom. Opinion of a geobiologist who confirms ' no positive impact ! I wish to be reimbursed

    Ok, so two subjective feelings: indeed you don't feel anything but that doesn't mean that the Mom 6 product is ineffective, it may be due to your perception, as many people seem to feel something positive. On the other hand, a geobiologist is of the opinion that the pendant has no impact, but we have several dozen geobiologists and therapists who regularly prescribe Mom products. Where is the truth? It is difficult to objectively state an invisible truth, there are some tools that allow us to approach it, for example the method of sensitive photography of water that crystallises under the effect of cold, developed by Masaru Emoto. Mom's products have been tested with this method, and the results have shown unquestionable effectiveness.

    Meets my expectations

    Satisfied after 1 month of use: worn a few hours a day.

    effectiveness of MOM6

    I am delighted, no problem

    Calm impression validated after one month of use

    I enjoyed Hubert Mauerer's 130 page .PDF.
    MOM6 very much appreciated in this month of April 2021


    Well protected, even better than the MOM 1. I would have just liked a softer shape when touching the skin.

    Product corresponds perfectly to expectations

    I've tested it with my family to relieve them from prolonged exposure to computer waves. The result is unequivocal: much less discomfort during the day, much less fatigue at the end of the day... Thank you! I'll order again...