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High Energy D-Ribose Sweet Cures
High Energy D-Ribose Sweet Cures
High Energy D-Ribose Sweet Cures
High Energy D-Ribose 100 g Powder
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High Energy D-Ribose Sweet Cures 100 g

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    D-Ribose: Energy for all

    D-ribose is a carbohydrate found in every living organism. This five-carbon sugar is mainly present in ribonucleic acid but also in important molecules such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and in all nucleotides. Most tissues in the body, including the heart, are unable to produce ribose quickly enough to restore energy levels once they have been severely depleted.

    High-intensity exercise, muscle ischemia or localized hypoxia overwhelm the cell's energy renewal mechanisms. The result is an imbalance between energy demand and supply, which leads to a cascade of reactions resulting in a drop in cellular energy and, subsequently, a range of physiological problems, including muscle stiffness, fragility, cellular damage and decreased levels of protein synthesis. 


    Pure D-Ribose. Contains no additives, preservatives, colourings or flavouring agents. The formulation of this product does not contain starch, meat products, dairy products, flour, gluten, yeast.

    A product from the Sweet Cures laboratory, world specialist and top-of-the-range specialist in rare sugars, this d-ribose is 100% bio-active and guaranteed free of impurities thanks to a demanding elaboration process in terms of product purity. 100 g jar.


    1 to 4 teaspoons per day outside of meals. Can be taken neat or mixed with a hot drink (herbal tea for example). It is also possible to take a teaspoon occasionally. Do not exceed the recommended maximum dosage of 20 g per day.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    A good boost

    Being prone to insomnia, D-ribose allows me to undertake my activities (sport but also any daily activity such as work) more serenely with a contribution of energy which is not at all negligible, I keep it well preciously


    I have been using D-RIBOSE for nearly two years now and I have seen the real benefit of this sugar. I practice cycling where even over 100 km, as on Thursday, January 28, I never had a stroke and its intake also after allows each time a very good recovery. I have also ridden without it, the difference is there and it is not in the head. It's been two months since I had some, two months where I didn't exceed 80km.

    My husband loves

    My Husband half an hour before going to the gym and if he feels a little tiredA spoonful of. D-RIBOSE and everything goes bien👍👍 anyway we are very faithful and I recommend with great pleasure to all my friends the products Apoticaria🥰 when I have a health problem I am always very well advised 👌👌 thanks to Mr. Dupré.


    Very effective before and after intense efforts (cycling)


    Perfect for intensive sports - no cramps and easy absorption


    Too early for notice, received today.