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Sinuorega 60 ml nasal spray
Sinuorega 60 ml nasal spray
Sinu orega 60 ml nasal spray
Sinuorega 60 ml
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Sinu-Orega 60 ml

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    Carvacrol-rich nasal spray made from wild oregano (Origanum vulgare) by North American Herb & Spice.

    Sinu-Orega is a natural nasal depurifier that combines the action of various plants and spices with beneficial properties. These extracts are incorporated into a base of spring water and pure sea salt, which gives them an optimal action on the nasal mucosa and sinuses.

    This nose spray is designed to deliver active ingredients to relieve cold or allergy symptoms: nasal congestion, sinus infection. Over 90% of the bacteria that cause infection enter the body through the nose and grow in the sinuses.


    Insert the tip into the nasal cavities and squeeze the bottle gently. Immediately breathe in the product to move it into the sinuses. Repeat for each nostril. Best results are obtained by breathing the product in forcefully. Repeat as needed. Tingling, burning or sneezing may occur.


    • Oil of wild oregano (Origanum vulgare) P73: antimicrobial
    • Laurel oil: natural antiseptic, helps to relax the nasal passages.
    • Sage oil (Salvia officinalis): powerful antioxidant
    • Clove oil: helps relieve pain
    • Pure sea salt and spring water: a saline solution that breaks down mucus and moistens the nose. Excellent and safe, allows a daily use of the product.


    Bottle of 60 ml.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    G.G. (Bordeaux, FR)

    good product that clears the sinuses well. I don't use it regularly but I am satisfied when I feel at the beginning of a cold.

    J.A. (La Ferte-Imbault, FR)

    Good product, necessary to clear the nose in case of sinusitis. Product I use almost every day.

    H.D. (Cluses, FR)
    a flagship product for winter

    The only product I know of that is very useful when I have sinusitis.

    R. (Etel, FR)
    Very effective


    Efficient and natural

    Good product clears the nose, easier breathing.

    N.O. (Paris, FR)
    Excellent product

    Be careful when using for the first time! The sensation is very strong but you get used to it quickly. Very effective for sanitizing the ENT sphere.

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