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Waterfall D-Mannose Sweet Cures powder 50 g
Waterfall D-Mannose Sweet Cures powder 50 g
Waterfall D-Mannose Sweet Cures powder 50 g
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Waterfall D-Mannose Sweet Cures 50 g powder

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    Waterfall D-Mannose powder

    D-Mannose is a rare sugar extracted from forest wood. A 100% natural product, with no additives or preservatives, 100% bioactive, Sweet Cures' Waterfall D-Mannose is an effective natural solution, suitable for everyone.

    The walls of the bladder and urinary tract naturally produce mannose, and it is because of the presence of mannose in this area that E. coli bacteria can grow. Taking D-Mannose orally allows this sugar to move into the bladder.


    Pure D-Mannose powder extracted from forest wood. Contains no colouring, preservatives or flavouring agents. It is a simple, healthy, pure and natural product. It is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women and infants. Diabetics should monitor blood sugar levels. Packed in 50 g tins.


    One teaspoon in a glass of water three times a day or more if necessary.

    Or a teaspoonful once a day. One teaspoon one hour before intercourse and/or one teaspoon immediately afterwards.

    Always take outside of meals. Suitable for pregnant women and infants. Suitable for vegetarians, animals. Recyclable packaging.

    We recommend the use of the urine test strips available on our website, in order to have a better follow-up and to optimize the use of D-Mannose.

    Board of use

    According to customer testimonials, the key to success is to start taking D-Mannose Waterfall every 2 - 3 hours (a shaved or rounded teaspoonful with 100 - 150 ml of liquid), as well as taking it during the night and gradually reduce it. For example, after taking Waterfall D-Mannose every 2 - 3 hours for two days you can reduce to one dose every 4 - 5 hours and continue to gradually reduce or increase a little.

    Milder use

    We have other customers who use the Waterfall D-Mannose daily with one catch in the morning and possibly one catch in the evening. For others, a small amount taken before sleep and/or during certain factors such as intimacy, sport, travel and travelling helps to strengthen their natural defences.

    Dietary advice

    Keep urine as alkaline as possible. Follow the advice of an acid-base diet, there are several excellent books on this subject. Avoid acidic foods and drinks such as orange juice, coffee, black or green tea, alcohol, strong spices, cranberries in any form and if possible dairy products and gluten.

    N.B.: As this product is fundamentally different (in particular from corn-based products, and for lower production costs), we do not fear any competition.

    The success of the D-Mannose Waterfall is equal to its efficiency due to its composition:

    - It contains no corn or cranberries.

    - It is naturally fermented from birch (wood biomass hydrolysate) without the use of solvents. Certified 100% free of contaminants and residues (residues remaining in food such as heavy metals and formaldehyde), its purity index is 99.9%.

    The powder is only powder, very pure. The tablets, obtained by pressing, without excipients, binders and unnecessary fillers, are coated with a single vegetarian magnesium stearate film.

    The mark made on each tablet is a guarantee of both the composition and the quality - unique - offered by Sweet Cures.

    The packaging is 100% biodegradable, recyclable (PP5), and free of chemicals.

    On our blog

    Check out the articles about the Waterfall D-Mannose.

    Sweet Cures' Waterfall D-Mannose is also available in tablet form.

    Waterfall D-Mannose tablets

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 96 reviews
    C.C. (Toulouse, FR)
    Very happy with this product. Excellent food supplement

    I have excellent results with this great product. I have already taken 2 bottles and will recommend more.

    S.M. (Paris, FR)
    Effective product

    I've been using it for several years now and I'm happy with it. Excellent natural powder

    L. (Draveil, FR)

    For me it is the only product that is effective against recurrent cystitis.
    In addition, it is easy to take, very pleasant to the taste like powdered sugar.
    I also take it with me when I travel in case I have a cold followed by cystitis.
    I remember to take it before and after sex with my partner.

    C. (Poitiers, FR)
    Great product

    Very effective quickly, no need for antibiotics. The taste is pleasant. I ordered two boxes: I only consumed one. The second one I keep just in case... I recommend it to everyone I know ;-)

    P.S. (Caluire-et-Cuire, FR)
    D mannose

    I tested this product and it was effective once against a urinary infection. I continue with enthusiasm because it has allowed me to avoid antibiotics.
    if this is confirmed I will not hesitate to buy again this product which is beneficial for my health.

    c.g. (Morlaix, FR)

    avoids recurrent infections taken once a day

    Disclaimer: These comments do not constitute medical or professional advice.