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Alkalizing Herbal Tea ENT-TEE Sonnenmoor
Alkalizing Herbal Tea ENT-TEE Sonnenmoor
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Alkalizing Herbal Tea ENT-TEE Sonnenmoor

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    Tisane Alkalizing

    Our ENT-TEE tea is a soothing blend of herbal teas from SonnenMoor made from the finest herbs of pharmacopeia quality. This high quality detox tea contains birch leaves, lemon balm, rosehips, nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, goldenrod, linden and peppermint.

    Just the right blend of natural ingredients to detoxify the body. The modern name for detox tea is also detoxification or basic tea. Ent-Tee tastes great and helps your body to detoxify, detoxify and drain. Detox tea has a positive effect on the metabolism and regulates the acid-base balance in a natural way. Detoxification or detoxification should be started when the moon falls and can be repeated two to three times a year.

    ✓ Supports the metabolism and assists in detoxification
    ✓ As a support to balance the acid-base balance
    ✓ Diuretic and desiccant
    ✓ Detoxify, detoxify and deacidify


    Birch leaf, lemon balm leaf, rosehip, fieldaleopside,nettle leaf, mulberry leaf, golden rod,lime blossom, mint

    bag of 50g


    Store well closed and dry
    Out of reach of children
    - in a place protected from the heat and the sun in the room


    Prepare 2 tablespoons of tea with 1,000 ml of boiling water (100 degrees Celsius). Leave to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Recommendation: Drink 1 litre of tea all day.

    Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    K.P. (Nîmes, FR)

    Very pleasant, taste, smell! Like all plants... The results will be there in a few days!
    Thanks for caring about my opinion .. kp🙏🐞🙏

    a. (Rueil-Malmaison, FR)
    Herbal tea

    Soothing herbal tea for irritable bowel syndrome

    Anonymous (Sainte-Rose, GP)

    Pleasant tasting herbal tea.

    B.T. (Peltre, FR)

    Hi, I am very satisfied with the herbal tea, good taste.

    c.b. (Savigne, FR)
    Full satisfaction

    I did feel an improvement in stomach upset with the consumption of the tea, one cup in the morning only.

    i.L. (Paris, FR)
    Pleasant to drink

    This tea is very pleasant and tastes good. You don't need to use much. Helps digestion. For the acid-base balance, a more thorough analysis should be done.

    Disclaimer: These comments do not constitute medical or professional advice.