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Maylis Herbal Tea Plant
Maylis Herbal Tea Plant
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Maylis Herbal Tea

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    Maylis Abbey

    In the beautiful region of the Landes de Gascogne, the olive monks of the Abbey of Maylis produce natural products and cultivate in particular the Lepidium plant. In the fields near the Abbey, this Lepidium latifolium (nasitord) is grown with compost, without fertilisers, and is weeded by hand. All the attention of the fifteen monks who live in the monastery contributes to the high quality of this unique herbal tea.


    This Lepidium was brought back to Maylis at the end of the 19th century by a missionary returning from Asia. The monks of the Abbey have thus acclimatised the Lepidium and have been cultivating it by hand for almost 50 years.


    Over the years, the traditional properties of this rare plant have been confirmed by numerous testimonies.


    Lepidium Latifolium 1 sachet which corresponds to an intake of herbal tea for 18 days.


    In one litre and a quarter of cold water, pour a good tablespoon of herbal tea. Boil for about 10 minutes. Take 4 cups of herbal tea per day: 1 cup on an empty stomach, 1 cup at noon, 1 cup around 7:00 pm, 1 cup at bedtime. For the first 2 days - out of 18 recommended days - of herbal tea intake, drink only 2 cups only, the first on an empty stomach and the second at noon. Maylis herbal tea can be drunk hot and sweet. Store in the refrigerator. It is advisable to continue taking the herbal tea with regularity by using the sachet continuously until the end. 

    To prolong this intake, drink a cup of herbal tea in the evening at bedtime. A follow-up - i.e. 18 days of continuous intake according to the above-mentioned recommendations - x 2 - is possible. It is recommended that you renew your approach in the spring and fall. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Maylis Herbal Tea

    In addition to D-Mannose.

    B F

    Very pleasant to drink with a good feeling afterwards.

    Amazing effectiveness on kidney stones

    I particularly recommend the Maylis herbal tea which on two occasions allowed me to avoid a scheduled surgery following a very painful attack of renal colic. Drinking Lepidium Latifolium herbal tea for 3 days during the day opened the canals and the stones were easily evacuated.


    perfect fast delivery. Effect for the moment very pleasant, Thank you

    On recommendations

    Seems good to me on the recommendations of my Homeopath I did not have enough hindsight to judge its effectiveness.

    Interesting but the leaves are chopped too fine

    It's unpleasant to have to swallow tiny fragments of leaves that pass through the strainer. The leaves should be cut less finely.

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