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Invex Remedies ag124
Invex Remedies ag124
Invex Remedies ag124
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Invex Remedies Ag 124

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    Money for immunity.

    Silver ions are the active elements

    In the universe, silver exists exclusively in two different forms: atoms and ions. Silver atoms include silver metal and are completely inert - they do not provide any benefit to the body. It is only in its ionised form that silver can demonstrate its therapeutic qualities.

    A routing and distribution mechanism is needed

    Silver ions require a transport and distribution mechanism to be introduced into the body and to be released gradually. Otherwise, they will tend to bind to other substances in the mouth and intestines such as chlorides and proteins: blocked, they can no longer be released into the body. The reason for this natural movement is simple: silver ions are silver atoms that lack an electron (which charges them positively); as ions, they will be attracted to anything in the body's environment that can restore their electron balance. The organism is filled with such substances capable of playing this role. This is why a transport and distribution system for silver ions will become crucial for the effectiveness of the product.

    Routing and distribution involve stabilization and release

    All silver-based products used internally and for therapeutic purposes (including colloidal silver) work exclusively by doing one thing: transporting stabilized silver ions into the body and releasing them as active ions once in the system; this is where they can demonstrate bio-active benefits. Ag 124 does the same thing but with much greater efficiency.

    Why is Ag 124 much better than any other form of money?

    Ag 124 uses a totally different approach to deliver and release silver ions into the body. The product uses a unique method of stabilizing silver ions by combining them with a specific element that acts as a stabilizer and delivery vehicle. Then Ag 124, once it reaches the body, where it needs to act, will dissociate to gradually release the silver ions. All the silver contained in Ag 124 will be released as bio-available silver ions.

    The result: you get better results using much less product. Efficiency = economy.

    Balance is the key

    Chemists know that equilibrium is crucial for a molecular substance or complex to remain stable and not react with the environment; this equilibrium also determines how quickly that substance or complex will dissociate and react with the environment. Ag 124 contains what could be called a hybrid of ionic and covalent bonds, remaining intact when necessary and dissociating when necessary.

    It's all about balance and Ag 124 has been designed with the optimal balance needed for the delivery and release of ions in the human body.


    The manufacturing process of Ag 124 is completely different from that of conventional colloidal silver. All forms of colloidal silver are made by electrolysis: two metal rods are introduced into the water with the ends protruding outwards, these ends are connected to a source of electricity which passes through the rods, so the silver rods decompose in the water. This process was created over a century ago.

    Ag 124 is manufactured by a very precise mixture of high purity and high quality substances. All chemical reactions are controlled and understood, the process ensures that the product is absolutely constant and of optimum quality with every drop.


    Water, Silanetriol (organic silicon), PVP, boron citrate, silver acetate


    Prevention: four jets of spray on the belly and liver area, massage lightly to penetrate.

    Opaque PET spray bottles of 200 ml (about 1000 spray jets).

    Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Ag 124

    Excellent anti-viral. I have recommended it to my children.

    Very good antibacterial

    I used it for an eye problem, it allowed me to avoid an antibiotic and cortisone ointment.

    Very good product

    Very good product that I recommend for sore throat, flu, cough.

    Top top top top...

    Used in or on the body, this product is a wonder of nature, so effective that it is a must in the home care kit.


    Very good product that I have been using for several years.
    I recommend it


    very very very effective in times that course infectious viral and other skin problems.

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