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Serrapeptase 120 capsules
Serrapeptase 120 capsules
Serrapeptase 120 capsules
Serrapeptase 120 capsules
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Serrapeptase 120 capsules AST Enzymes

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    Serrapeptase 80,000 SU from the silkworm

    Peptizyme is a patented process where each enzyme is individually coated with a protective shell that allows it to survive the acidic environment of the stomach, allowing for greater absorption. The fibrinolytic activity of this serrapeptase is 80,000 SU.


    Peptizyme SP: coated serrapeptase

    Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose and cellulose (capsules)

    Box of 120 capsules.


    1-3 capsules three times a day.

    Systemic enzymes are the key to your well-being and health. However, processed foods and exposure to environmental toxins force your body to overwork itself to make more and more enzymes to cope with the many complex reactions that take place in your body all the time.

    The natural systemic enzyme serrapeptase, on the other hand, is a catalyst that stimulates and adjusts the body's recovery capacities, with minimal side effects.


    Serrapeptase is a powerful systemic enzyme that supports the needs of your entire body.


    1-2 capsules twice a day 1/2 hour before meals.


    The registered trademark Peptizyme-SP® is an absolute guarantee of quality. It is important to adhere to the indicated dosage until results are visible. You can then switch to the maintenance dosage.

    Serrapeptase can be used in conjunction with other systemic enzymes, such as Serracor NK.


    Serrapeptase - also known as serratiopeptidase and serratia peptidase - is a highly active proteolytic enzyme derived from a species of bacteria originally found in the gut of silkworms. It is the bacterium Serratia mercesans that allows silkworms that have metamorphosed into butterflies to dissolve the threads of their cocoons and emerge. Of course, no worms or butterflies are sacrificed to make serrapeptase from the Serratia bacteria. Serratia bacteria are grown alone to produce the enzyme by fermentation.

    Enteric coating

    It is a protective layer that coats the food supplements so that they remain intact during their passage through the stomach and are then absorbed in the small intestine. Systemic enzymes are proteins whose functional structure is altered or destroyed under extreme pH and temperature conditions. Without this coating, the enzymes would be denatured, and therefore unusable, long before they reach the bloodstream where their beneficial effects operate.

    AST Enzymes enteric serrapeptase can pass through the highly acidic gastric environment without being broken down. This characteristic ensures intestinal absorption and systemic activity of the enzyme under the best conditions. Its gastric pH-resistant coating disintegrates naturally in the alkaline environment of the intestine.

    The relationship between US and IU

    The activity of an enzyme is estimated by measuring its active units (U). For serrapeptase units, we speak of US. This is the only valid measure for enzymes in general and serrapeptase in particular. Indeed, the measurement in IU (international units) is a standard applied to vitamins and minerals, and defines the quantity of substance producing a specific biological effect.


    The many and varied effects of serrapeptase on the body's immune response have been studied in detail.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews


      Good product

      After three weeks of treatment, I notice a clear improvement in the condition of my legs (especially the right one)
      The spider veins have disappeared and the small broken capillaries are less frequent
      I am continuing the treatment.

      Good product.

      Good product, I've been using it for quite some time and I recommend it.


      I have been taking Serrapeptase for two weeks and I already notice an improvement because there are less spider veins on my legs and the capillaries are starting to disappear
      I'm continuing the treatment and I'm going to combine Serracor as a "maintenance" supplement
      really satisfied with your products 👍🏼


      Very good product... I recommend


      Very good product I take a capsule of 80,000 su in the morning and one in the evening and this for about 1 year very good enzyme for the health of the body.

      Disclaimer: These comments do not constitute medical or professional advice.