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Serracor NK 150 capsules - AST Enzymes
Serracor NK 300 capsules - AST Enzymes
Serracor-NK | AST Enzymes label
Serracor NK 150 capsules - AST Enzymes
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Serracor NK AST Enzymes

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    Serracor-NK from AST Enzymes is a complex of bromelain, nattokinase and serrapeptase enzymes, rutin, amla and other proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes specially developed to protect the body. Serracor-NK also contains the crucial coenzyme Q10. Every time an enzyme acts in the body, it needs a coenzyme to catalyze that action. The composition of Serracor-NK gives a balanced proportion of enzymes and coenzymes so that it can function autonomously without the need for food.


    Helps the organism in its depurification system.


      1 to 3 capsules in the morning when you get up, at noon and in the evening when you go to bed (three times a day). To be taken outside of mealtimes. Begin with 1 capsule each time you take it for the first three days, then increase to 2 capsules each time you take it for the next three days and eventually increase to 3 capsules per dose. Do not exceed 12 capsules per day. For people who are on anticoagulants, seek the advice of their doctor. This product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women as these cases have not been tested.


      Complex of systemic and lipolytic enzymes: bromelain, nattokinase, serrapeptase.

      Protease complex: microbial proteases from A. Oryzae, B. Subtilis and Serratia.

      Complex of co-factors: amla, papain, lipase, rutin, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), magnesium ammoniate.

      Capsules dosed at 500 mg.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      S. (Meyrargues, FR)

      excellent product that I have been taking since 2019, following a small stroke (at 77 years old) established by MRI in May 2019. For 1 year I took 3X4 capsules a day. a new MRI in June 2020, found that there was no trace of stroke!
      currently I take 3X2 capsules a day. to maintain the results and avoid brain fouling.

      M.D. (Besançon, FR)
      Very satisfied

      All right.

      M.H. (Lorgues, FR)
      Serracor NK

      Good and effective product

      J.R. (Fréjus, FR)
      Very positive effect likely

      I have been taking a high dose of methotrexate for several years to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis. Some time ago I started taking plaquenil in order to reduce the dose of metotrexate if possible. I didn't have much improvement. I then started, on the advice of an experienced naturopath, to take Serraocor in high dose (4 capsules 1/3 times/day). In the following days, a clear improvement of the inflammatory symptoms occurred. The analysis results (PCR test) confirmed this clear improvement. I decided after one month to start decreasing the dose of methotrexate (by about 1/3 now), and this did not prevent the symptoms from continuing to improve. However, it is known that it takes time for plaquenil to take effect. A doubt therefore remains, but in my heart of hearts I feel that this clear improvement is mainly due to Serracor. If this improvement persists, I plan to decrease the metotraxate until I stop it if possible. Then, if the improvement still persists, I will start to decrease the plaquenil... To be continued, then...

      I.B. (La Teste-de-Buch, FR)

      Hello...after using a bottle I took a blood test...suffering from an inflammatory disease my blood markers of inflammation were too high for more than 10 years...according to your studies my analyses became normal again...I do a cure every 6 months...thank you

      V.G. (Nice, FR)

      I can't do without it ...! I had an appointment with the cardiologist and despite a stroke in 2018 my arteries are "practically" perfect according to my cardio!
      I will soon place a new order and I will also try the "youth" products !!!
      Thanks to Benjamin and his team for their professionalism

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