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Aloe Arborescens Pure Juice
Aloe Arborescens Pure Juice
Pure Aloe Arborescens Juice
Aloe Arborescens
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Aloe arborescens pure juice

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    Pure Aloe arborescens juice 500ml to prepare

    Native to southern Africa,Aloe arborescens was imported into Europe and Japan in the 17th century. But it is only in the 1980s that its properties are finally exploited. It is a shrub with evergreen leaves. It is a succulent plant, fleshy, able to live in an arid environment, whose cut leaves exude a juice rich in nutrients.

    It is from the same family as Aloe vera but very different. Its leaves are smaller and therefore contain less gel, but its skin can be used. It is not suitable for mechanized cultivation because it is harvested only by hand, but it is twice as rich in active ingredients as Aloe vera.

    The pure juice form ofAloe arborescens is a powerful and fast detoxifier, but also a stimulant of the immune system and a good regulator of intestinal functions. It is also useful as a supplement during cancer treatment.


    PureAloe arborescens juice is made in Italy according to the instructions of Franciscan Father Romano Zago, from plants grown in greenhouses to protect them from pollution and to control their watering. The plants are over twenty years old when used and their leaves are cold pressed, including the skin, just after being cut.

    PureAloe arborescens juice contains the juice from cold pressing a few hours after harvesting the fresh, whole leaves, which are very rich in nutrients; citric acid (an acidifier); potassium sorbate (a preservative that prevents the juice from fermenting after a few days).


    Energy value

    12Kal 49Kj

    Fatty matter

    LQ g

    Saturated fatty acids

    LQ g


    of which sugars

    - Fructose

    - Glucose

    - Galactose

    - Lactose

    - Maltosis

    - Sucrose

    1.70 g


    0.20 g

    0.10 g

    LQ %.

    LQ %.

    LQ %.

    LQ %.

    Food fibers

    0.80 g


    0.83 g

    Salt (Sodium x 2.5)

    0.20 g



    LQ % means that the value is below the qualification limit

    The nutritional values indicated are those of reference recommended by the European Union.

    Recipe by Father Romano Zago

    - 3 large fresh Aloe arborescens leaves, picked before dawn or late at night from a plant at least five years old and grown under organic conditions, one week after the last rain.

    - 500 g of pure organic honey.

    - 40 to 50 ml of distilled alcohol.

    Remove the prickles from the fresh leaves with a knife.

    Clean the leaves with a dry cloth, without soaking them in water.

    Cut the leaves into slices and put them in a blender.

    Add honey and alcohol.

    Blend until creamy.

    Put in an opaque jar or bottle and keep away from heat if possible.

    As a preventive treatment: a vegetarian diet is recommended but not essential. At least try to reduce the intake of animal proteins.

    In treatment: follow a diet containing as little animal protein as possible and no milk or milk products. Once the treatment has begun, it is important to take the entire contents of the bottle.

    Caution: the rapid evacuation of toxins can cause skin reactions, smelly stools, diarrhea, darker urine, stomach pains for two to four days.

    Advice for use

    Take 10 ml or one tablespoon (pure or diluted in a little water), 20 to 30 minutes before meals, three times a day.


    Opaque plastic bottle of 500 ml.


    PureAloe arborescens juice can be consumed within 2 years after its production. The bottle should be stored in a dry place, away from light and heat.

    Once opened, the bottle can be kept in a cool place and the juice should be consumed within 60 days.

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    C.S. (Bossonnens, CH)
    Aloe Arborescens

    Bon produit...toutefois il manque la pelure de la plante pour lui donner un aspect proche de celui que l'on fabrique à la maison selon le Père Zago.

    S.V. (Le Creusot, FR)

    J'ai arrêté de le prendre au bout de quelques jours : le produit m'écoeurait. De plus, le flacon, au fond bombé ne tenait pas debout au départ, j'ai trouvé ça suspect. Je ne renouvellerai pas cet achat.

    F.N. (Lausanne, CH)
    Grande satisfaction

    Je n ai bu qu un flacon et j ai déjà beaucoup plus d énergie. Je me sens en pleine forme. Goût agréable et produit très satisfaisant.

    m.A. (Auxerre, FR)

    very good product

    D.B. (Pouan-les-Vallees, FR)

    Vous avez parfaitement respecté les délais de livraison. Je vais commencer le traitement aujourd'hui. Je vous tiendrais naturellement informé.

    Aloe arborescens

    Aloe arborescens : j'attends les effets. Est-ce qu'il y a déjà du miel et de l'alcool dans votre jus? Sinon quel dosage pour suivre la recette du père Zago.