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Eliphe CA13 Zinc & Selenium
Eliphe CA13 Zinc & Selenium
Zinc & Selenium Eliphe CA13
Eliphe CA13 Zinc & Selenium label
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Zinc + Selenium Eliphe CA13

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    Zinc + Selenium

    This active supplement, which combines zinc, selenium and lithotamnium, guarantees a sufficient supply, in quantity and quality, of minerals that guarantee the vitality and proper functioning of the body; it protects the digestive system by combating acidity and thus strengthens the body's natural defense system.


    Zinc is an essential trace element found in trace amounts in the cells of the body, especially in muscles and bones, but also in the adrenal glands, skin, parts of the brain, pancreas, membranes of the eye, prostate and sperm. Dietary zinc intake decreases with age and a deficiency makes people more fragile.

    Zinc supports growth and defenses as well as reproduction.


    Like zinc, it is a trace element present in the human body.

    The best sources of selenium are plants and animals from regions with the highest selenium content in their soils.

    Deficiencies occur in people whose diet is not sufficiently diversified, in the elderly, vegetarians, smokers, alcoholics, athletes and people who live in regions with soil that is poor in selenium.

    It is an excellent antioxidant that fights effectively against free radicals because it participates in the metabolism of an enzyme that protects cell membranes from their attacks: glutathione peroxidase. It also has a positive action on the protection of the skin and the quality of vision.

    The lithotamne

    It is a small red algae very rich in minerals and trace elements, which lives in the most calcareous marine areas. It has properties equivalent to those of calcium carbonate (30% of its composition) and magnesium carbonate (10% of its composition). It also contains silicon (9%), iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, copper, iodine ... It has very powerful remineralizing properties.

    Among other properties, it fights fatigue and stimulates vitality. It also neutralizes the aggressiveness of acids. In short, it preserves a good metabolism, ensures the acid-base balance of the organism and creates the ideal ground to fight against the attacks.

    The zinc/selenium/lithotamine synergy

    Zinc and selenium are antioxidant trace elements that all the body's systems cannot do without to function effectively. They complement each other to ensure active and lasting protection of the body. They are therefore often combined for the sake of efficiency.


    • Remineralization of the body
    • Strengthening of the defences
    • Antioxidant action


    Zinc bisglycinate 75 mg providing 15 mg of elemental zinc.

    Selenium (L-selenomethionine): 150 micrograms.

    Lithothamne 195 mg providing 62.4 mg of calcium.

    Marine capsule.

    Box of 90 capsules

    Advice for use

    1 - 2 capsules per day far from the meals (1/2 h before or 1h after).

    Dietary supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

    Like all websites, does not replace medical advice. Please consult our special page about disclaimers on product descriptions, blog posts and customer reviews.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    D.B. (Courbevoie, FR)
    Zinc + Selenium Eliphe CA13

    Je suis très satisfaite de ce produit par rapport à d'autres que j'ai essayé sur d'autres sites. Zinc+Sélénim Eliphe CA13 pour moi est le meilleur:

    G. (Bonne, FR)

    Ça fait seulement 30 jours que je le prend, mais je vois des améliorations plus de reflux gastrique, une peau améliorée, plus de punch etc.....👌❤🙏

    Très satisfait 👍🙂

    Toujours satisfait des produits que je commande chez vous, tant sur la qualité de ceux-ci que sur le traitement des commandes 👍.

    S. (Paris, FR)
    Great product

    Vitamines essentielles pour combattre toutes sortes de virus mais elles ont un petit truc en +. Elles procurent une belle peau et des cheveux plus brillants.

    Excellent product

    Je ne peux plus m en passer 👌

    F.D. (Romilly-sur-Seine, FR)
    Great product

    tout est dit dans le titre. très bien, efficace