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Zeolite Clinoptilolite Surfine Apoticaria 200g
Zeolite Clinoptilolite Surfine Apoticaria 200g
Zeolite Clinoptilolite Surfine Apoticaria 500g
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Clinoptilolite Surfine Zeolite

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    Zeolite Surfine

    This crystalline rock has a very characteristic structure whose honeycomb base allows it to retain and then absorb many elements and harmful compounds. Its cavities and channels occupy more than half of its volume, which represents a large surface available for chemical reactions.

    This volcanic rock has the same properties as clay, but is much more effective. Proposed in powder form in a micronized form, it has an amazing capacity of absorption and a great disposition to ionic exchanges.

    There are many kinds of natural zeolite crystals: flaky, crystalline or fibrous. We offer you the variety with the best therapeutic properties: clinoptilolite zeolite, extracted in the Balkans.

    It comes in the form of a very fine powder (about 5 microns) obtained by a patented micronization method, tribomechanical activation, which is carried out by driving a very powerful air stream. The microparticles obtained by this process have been the subject of a biological and medical research program conducted by teams from the European Community.

    Zeolite is composed mainly of silica SiO2 (62%), alumina Al2O3 (12.5%), calcium oxide CaO (3%) and magnesium oxide MgO (1.3%).

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    100% natural surfine zeolite obtained by the patentedtribomechanical activation process, granulation 0-5 microns minimum 70%.

    Opaque PET bottle with new screw lock system.

    Available in 200 g and 500 g.

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    N.R. (Aubergenville, FR)

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    Very good product

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    Efficace, produit parfait et bon goût, je recommande

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    me convient bien

    en complément de Digilance, je me sens mieux dans mes intestins. En tout cas, la livraison des produits s'effectue rapidement et c'est toujours très appréciable !

    C.H. (Locmine, FR)
    Very happy

    J'utilise la Zeolithe depuis 2 ans. Parmi ses bienfaits, je ne fais plus de rétention d'eau en été. Je recommande

    c.W. (Draguignan, FR)
    produit d'excellente qualité

    La zéolithe est très blanche et de très bonne qualité