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MSM Organic Sulphur powder Apoticaria
MSM Organic Sulphur powder Apoticaria
Organic Sulfur - MSM - Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane 450 g
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Organic Sulfur - MSM

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    Organic Sulfur - MSM or Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane

    MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) is a metabolite of sulfur found in nature. It is bioavailable to the body and can be readily assimilated. Dr. Stanley Jacob has conducted extensive research on this substance at the Oregon Health Institute (USA). You can refer to his publications. When DMSO is heated to a certain temperature, the pure compound, organic sulphur, is obtained by crystallisation. This substance has no particular odour and a slightly bitter taste. Entirely natural, it is directly absorbed by the body.

    The MSM we offer is made from the trunk of the Louisiana maritime pine. The elaboration process respects the qualities of the product to ensure an optimal result. We believe that the addition of anti-caking agents as well as additives may affect the quality of the product and its absorption by the body. This is why we have decided to select a form of organic sulphur that is as pure as possible. The crystals come directly from the selector, without any further modification or addition of any substance.

    Organic sulphur has been known for its qualities since 1075 BC, notably by the Greeks. Sulphur is the fourth most important element in the body and is found in almost every cell in the body. Sulphur with the atomic number 16 is able to bind with almost all other minerals.

    Skin, nails and hair Organic sulphur: organic sulphur is a precursor of many sulphur-containing amino acids that are used in the composition of these tissues. Results are obtained after a few weeks of treatment.


    Organic Sulfur - MSM - 99.9% pure Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane.

    The formulation of this product does not contain sugar, starch, artificial flavours and colours, meat products, dairy products, flour, gluten, yeast.

    Clear plastic bags of 450 g. Can be poured into a glass or plastic jar.


    Take 1 level teaspoon (about 4g) twice a day for 60 kg body weight. Organic sulphur can be taken directly with a spoon or diluted in a glass of water. To neutralize its bitterness, it can be diluted in grapefruit juice. After each intake of organic sulphur, it is recommended to drink a large glass of water. Indeed, the oxygen used by organic sulphur does not come from the air we breathe but from the water we drink. This means that the correct hydration during this period is to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water for an adult person, excluding herbal teas, teas, or soups.   

    At the beginning of the sulphur intake, it is recommended to start gradually by taking a reduced dosage for three days, or to take the normal dosage with the feed. For a more sustained effect, take 4 level teaspoons per day for a month, then reduce to two teaspoons per day. For the intake of sulphur, it is recommended to follow the following instructions: 1) within half an hour after taking the sulphur avoid drinking tap water, brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste, taking other food supplements, medicines or substances containing additives. 2) always take organic sulphur in the morning and evening as the body does not store sulphur. After 12 hours it is removed from the body and can no longer be used. We recommend a three month renewable intake.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 151 reviews

    I have been using it for joint pain for several years... strangely, my hair is returning to its original colour and after research... it is sulphur...


    Whiter teeth, muscle pain somewhat reduced

    MSM sulphur assessment

    Very good. I am doing a prolonged treatment to solve chronic respiratory problems and so far it is going well

    Organic Sulphur

    I have been taking it for 3 months, at a rate of 12 gr/day in 2 doses, combined with Trinkmoor peat, mixed in warm water for a faster dissolution, for a general inflammation of the body (fibromyalgia), with strong skin eruptions, like urticaria (for 2 months).... No more stomach upsets and no more stomach aches at all, after 10 days... I feel much lighter in my joints (1 or 2 months of taking it). So a big improvement in general!!!! I'm still taking it for another 6 months, especially since my skin is much better (no more hives) and my psoriasis is much better....... Anyway, I recommend it to everyone! I bought the little yellow book on sulphur, which explains it in detail!

    Organic Sulphur

    I used to have very thin nails, I have noticed that since I have been using ORGANIC SULPHUR, my nails have become harder and thicker.

    MSM sulphur

    super super, really I am 3 months into the treatment, and really happy, I feel that I am at the end of the treatment because I realize that I am starting to forget to take it. it's ok. and also for your MSM I am doing the advertising :)