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Bilior 7 Eliphe CA14
Bilior 7 Eliphe CA14
Eliphe CA14 Bilior 7
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Bilior 7 Eliphe

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    Bilior 7 Eliphe CA14

    This supplement is composed of a purified extract of Silybin, which is taken from the seeds and fruits of the milk thistle used since antiquity to fight liver and gall bladder diseases, as well as digestive disorders. Siliphyt also contains phospholipids that optimize cellular exchanges.

    The synergy between Sylibin and phospholipids gives an ideal detoxifier that relieves the liver from the effect of overeating, intoxication, and rid it of hepatotoxic substances.


    The active ingredient silybin is a mixture of flavonolignans (polyphenol family) extracted from milk thistle. In this form, which improves the bioavailability of its natural compounds and is obtained without any adjuvant, modification or synthetic ingredient, silybin is more active and more rapidly absorbed than in the form of silymarin extract.

    The flavonoids in milk thistle(Silybum marianum) improve the membranes of the liver cells and make them impervious to toxic substances such as alcohol, harmful foods, poisons, drugs (such as paracetamol or even anti-cancer chemotherapy). Asantioxidants, these flavonoids also protect the liver from oxidative stress by optimizing the capture of free radicals.

    Silybin is therefore very effective in stimulating the liver's regenerative capacity, notably by increasing the synthesis of repair enzymes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to protect the liver and detoxify it, but also to prevent and treat its diseases (NAFLD, NASH) thanks to its anti-hepatotoxic action. Its anti-cancer properties are currently the subject of promising studies (increase in the effectiveness of chemotherapy, slowing of tumour growth in bladder, lung and prostate cancers).


    These are the essential fatty acid molecules that form our cell membranes. Their electrically charged "heads" mix with water inside and outside the cells, and their neutral "tails" mix with fats. They are present in the cell membranes of neurons and the small intestine. They are essential constituents of the nervous system (brain and nerves), the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and the bile fluid synthesized by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.

    Phospholipids therefore optimize cellular exchanges and improve the intestinal absorption of silybin, which is not very bioavailable in itself.


    Siliphyt is a supplement whose detoxifying, depurative, anti-inflammatory and regenerating action is particularly suitable for the liver and the digestive system to fight against :

    • the effects of excess food, alcohol or medication,
    • digestive disorders (dyspepsia),
    • congestion of the liver, bladder and kidneys,
    • liver failure,
    • gallstones,
    • the effect of natural or synthetic toxins,
    • immune deficiencies,
    • oxidative stress,
    • osteoarthritis.


    Silybin pure milk thistle extract 72 mg

    Lecithin 108 mg

    Lithothamnion 170 mg

    Marine capsule

    Box of 90 capsules.


    1-2 capsules per day.


    Made in Europe.
    Does not contain nano-sized particles or additives
    Does not contain GMOs.

    Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

    We hope that you will find our Apoticaria site informative and useful; according to our latest knowledge and for accuracy, it is frequently updated. We respectfully remind users that use of this site and the internet in general is their own responsibility, and that no information on this site constitutes medical or other advice or opinion, and that information about our products is never intended to replace qualified medical advice.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Very satisfied with this product. I recommend it.

    All right.


    I've been taking it for a month, after 3 weeks I had a major discomfort for a week in the gallbladder area.
    I think that an important cleansing has taken place, now I feel good. I did not have any specific digestion problem, but I took
    this supplement in order to 'clean' the digestive organs. I am continuing the cure. In any case, it 'works'!


    I am very satisfied with my purchase, it seems that my digestion is lighter but I still need some time to give an opinion


    I don't take this treatment regularly, I don't like taking gelatin pills... As for the liver which is tired! I know that alcohol is never good for it, I decrease the doses seriously and the normal state of health returns automatically ... Unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, taking remedies without decreasing the unhealthy practices! it doesn't work! Well, but I always try to see...

    if you do not take this product regularly and if the state of your liver is linked to the consumption of alcohol, this comment does not concern the product but the relationship between the state of the liver and lifestyle...


    Improvement of my digestion, I am only at the beginning, I continue my cure)


    Much lighter digestion
    The heaviness disappears little by little. The cure is not over.