The mom® 3 power grid corrector: living in harmony with modern technology!

Transforming the electrical radiation in your home

We use a multitude of electrical appliances in our daily lives (television, telephone and internet boxes, WIFI, LINKY and GAZPAR meters, computers, hotplates, microwaves, etc.) which are directly connected to the electrical panel in our homes. Now, this board includes an electrical network with negative polarity, emitting a significant electromagnetic pollution harmful to humans, plants and animals weakening their cellular energy.

The mom®3 electrical network corrector, designed for the home, transforms harmful electromagnetic waves into scalar waves by reversing polarity. Placing this device on your electrical panel will generate the emission of scalar waves at the very heart of the electrical network, and thus propagate them to all the devices connected to it. All the harmfulness of electrical pollution is thus neutralized and transformed into beneficial energy for the living.


Beneficial waves in your home

The mom®3 power grid corrector transforms harmful electromagnetic wave emissions into beneficial wave emissions for your well-being and that of your loved ones. You benefit from the advantages offered by modern technologies without damaging your vital and cellular capital.

This device is very easy to use: just place it directly on the electrical panel of your home, taking care to put it in contact with the circuit breakers. This is made easy thanks to the simple fastening system it comes with. This mom® solution can also be placed under a wifi box or near any other device that has electrical radiation. The important thing is that it has contact with the electrical network. The whole family benefits from a more peaceful home that is not subject to the harmful electromagnetic waves of everyday life.

Complementary mom® devices

The mom devices complement each other and meet the needs of the whole family. mom® pendantsprovide overall balance in your daily life at work, at home, in the garden, while walking, in the shops, etc. They are valuable supports when you are regularly subjected to electromagnetic waves from telephones and computers in different places.

The mains corrector offers a continuous transformation of all electrical devices in your home. The entire household, your pets and your house plants enjoy a calm and stable environment day and night.

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